Thursday, August 11, 2011

well - here we are - this site went live on 8/11/2011.

I hope you see something you like!

The recipies you will find here is a mixed bag - most of them  in Dutch some in English..
if you really have to - I can try to supply translations.. either way - just hope you're not in a hurry... :^)

(well you can also go to or and paste in the text to get a "head start" on translating..)

The little "fun foodie videos" you find on this site about preperation of some of the dishes and foods - were created by me with Cyberlink PowerDirector.

email me   if you have any questions

& don't forget - have fun !



  1. Wish I could speak dutch! You can just imagine how the recipes will come out if I try to interrup them!

    Did you really eat in the dining room or was that staged?

    We have some fantastic meals at the oldjinks home in Houston with the help of his lady friend.

  2. oh no not staged in the didnding room - we really had a dinner party there with printed menu's and all!! :^)

  3. Hi Jinks,

    I am an (not yet retired I hope) old Deventer Tropische Landbouwschool dutch guy living in South East Mexico not far from you (South of Cancun near Chetumal on the Belize border) I still work as an International Consultant on Agro-Forestry issues, have a farm here, sail a lot and.......... like to cook too! I enjoy your blog, go for it and have as much fun as you can bear ha ha ha.

    Boy I am jealous about your set-up, your equipment for making sausages and other dry meat recipes. I have Mennonite neighbours and friends here where we make smoke sausages the old way.....still very tasty of course.

    Give me a note ( if you travel in our direction, maybe we can meet up somewhere.


  4. Hi Hans,

    Hope you find some stuff here you like to make yourself..
    the airdried meats and some sausage recipes from Lou Poli's site are fantastic.. (you can find the site on my links page..)
    To get going on airdried meats is pretty simple - I started with a College type fridge (with peltier element type cooling) which I picked up for ~ $80 and a good meat slicer - beyond that you just need patience...
    also an incubator to start the cultures in Fermented sausages is pretty easy to put together yourself from some Alu-clad plywood, a 100 W bulb and a linevoltage switching thermostat..

    anyway - if I ever get that far south I'll drop you a note.



  5. Hallo, ik woon in Brazilie en zag zo net jou blog, ik vond het heel leuk en heb een paar van jou recepten geprint om ze me te nemen naar mijn moeder, ze zal heb enig vinden. Ik ben van plan om zo nou en dan langs te komen, hoor! Heel leuk gedaan. Mijn blog is helaas in het Portugees maar als je langs wil komen is het:
    Smaakt allemaal lekker, hé? Tot schrijfs, see you later

    1. Hi Henriette,

      Ik heb een kijkje genomen op je blog. Ik spreek helaas geen Portugees - Engels, Duits, Frans, Nederlands en "een poco" Espagnol is genoeg om in moeilijkheden te komen.. of eruit te blijven..

      Zo te zien aan je blog wordt daar veel japans gegeten - ik heb mezelf ook geleerd om Sushi en Sashimi hier te maken.

      Voor de rest ben ik niet picky wat eten aangaat - op mijn vele reizen heb ik altijd van alles - op zijn minst - geproefd en als ik het lekker vond vroeg ik de recepten of scharrelde ze ergens op om het later thuis ook zelf te maken.

      Go ahead en kijk hier af en toe maar rond - en probeer en proef af en toe maar eens wat !!